Free Writing Stuff

I’ve got to start with these writing memes .  .  . (right-click your mouse and “save picture as” on anything you want to save).




As much as I like Captain Picard he is merely pointing out the obvious.







Whereas these Avengers are pointing at me and their statement is much more visceral . . .




This is the header on my Twitter account (Alex_Austin) and I can’t tell you the scores of people who have commented.  Apparently the picture works, I know that it works on me about half the time.









book-coverssmAlthough my desktop picture changes often, I always have this jpg in icon form so I can refer to it when needed.






I am going to get all my book covers printed and mounted.

Here’s a great idea for a writer you know (or for yourself), it’s relatively low-cost and looks great.  Of course, they have deep meaning and I have vowed to fill up a whole wall.




And lastly, I would like to share an Excel spread sheet I made.  It works by dropping your Kindle Direct Publishing . Month-to-Date Unit Sales into it. It’s going to sound a lot more complicated than it is. You must have Microsoft Excel, Apple Books, or one of the free versions like Open Office.  Here is the link to the sheet.

You will have one file for each month and each file has a tab for each day. In cell A1 of the first tab you will put the month in the format of 4/1, 5/1, 6/1, etc. That will populate the date and day on each tab.


Otherwise, the file works just like you wanted it to. The only thing you’ll have to do manually is when you create a tab for May, you’ll have to create a formula to link to April 30 to calculate the +/- sales from yesterday. Since months have different ending dates this will always need manual intervention from you.

Just drop in YOUR titles and in the “$ from sales” cell, drop in the profits from each of your books.

I realize this sounds tough, but we all know an “accountant-type” and if you asked for a little help this would be a breeze for them.